ZAPATA Real Estate Investments strives to maximize risk-adjusted investment returns by focusing on the economically and vibrant market that the Rio Grande Valley has to offer. Recently, the RGV has become one of the fastest growing regions in the country, experiencing strong population growth and the #1 MSA in the nation for long-term job growth.

ZAPATA focuses on projects that are too large for local investors but too small to meet the investment standards of institutional investors. Additionally, the Rio Grande Valley has a diverse market that makes this part of the country a high-entry barrier market. ZAPATA takes the Rio Grande Valley market head-on, as it utilizes more than 19 years of experience to make the most out of the Multifamily real estate experience.

We identify key growth markets with potential to drive multifamily fundamentals over the hold period. By focusing on markets with strong rental demand, and seeking out great locations with growth potential, we execute a well-defined business plan to develop a project with extraordinary property management operations; ultimately enhancing cash flow growth and value during the holding period.

"Local in-depth knowledge and the experience that is 'unique' to the Rio Grande Valley's market has allowed ZAPATA
to deliver consistent and superior long-term returns for our investors and business partners."

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